Dry Dock

The Hanøytangen dock consists of an inner and an outer part with width 125/125 m, separated with a dock gate. The dock is excavated in solid rock of good quality down to 17 m at equinox spring low tide, Norwegian chart datum.

The dock bed consists of 0.5 – 1.0 m of rock fill on solid rock with a top layer of gravel. The dock gate is of concrete caisson type resting on concrete foundations with separate wall elements on either side. In its current configuration only the inner dock can function as a dry dock (125m x 125m x 17m).

There are several bollards, strong points and winch foundations around the dock. All utilities are available at the dockside, and there is road access to the dock bottom.


  • Length 125 meters (Entrance 115 meters)
  • Width 125 meters
  • Depth NGO -17 meters

Dry dock, 2009

Leader i tørrdokk.jpg

Rig in dry dock, 1997

Våt Dokk.jpg

Rig in wet dock, 2011