21 November 2018

Bergen Group ASA plan for a name change to Endúr ASA

The Board of Bergen Group ASA proposes to the company's extraordinary general meeting a change of the company name to Endúr ASA when completing the merger with Endúr Holding AS in the middle of the first quarter of 2019.

The extraordinary general meeting will be held on 21 December 2018.

“The merger represents an important strategic milestone for the companies involved. At the same time, this will be the start of a new and exciting phase for the merged company, with enhanced operational activity over a larger geographical market. A change of company name is thus considered as a positive boost”, says Nils Hoff, CEO of Bergen Group ASA.

The word “Endúr” is derived from the Old Norwegian language expression “endurnýja” which means renewing. Endur is also a word with various meanings, and in front of the word energy it means “lasting energy”.  The today's owners of Endúr Holding AS have within short time succeeded in establishing the Endúr name as the name of an important supplier in the oil and gas market.

“ Endúr can also be seen as an abbreviation of the English word endurance, an word characteristic for the history of the companies involved on merger, as well as characteristic for the new company going forward,  continue the process of further growth”, Hoff says.

The forthcoming name change from Bergen Group ASA to Endúr ASA will also be reflected in adjusted names for the Group's subsidiaries.

Bergen Group ASA is an industrial group based in the western part of Norway and a well-established supplier of products and services to the areas of Energy & Industry, Maritime, Defense, Access Technology & Services and Aquaculture. The Group's companies are based on extensive expertise and long experience in their business areas. The operational activity is carried out by the subsidiaries Bergen Group Services AS, Bergen Group AAK AS and Bergen Group Sjøsterk AS, with a total of close to 200 employees. For further information: www.bergengroup.no

Endúr Fabricom is a well-established oil service company headquartered in Stavanger. The company has extensive experience as supplier of maintenance, modification, installation, fabrication and rebuilding of complex oil and gas installations both onshore and offshore. After the change of ownership in February this year, the order books have increased significantly, and the company is in the process of establishing an operating foothold in several important hubs for the oil and gas industry. Endúr Fabricom engages today approx. 200 employees, including hired personnel. For further information: www.endur-fabricom.no

Contact info:
Nils Hoff, CEO in Bergen Group ASA (Endúr ASA from medio Q1 2019), phone +47 930 92 346