15 November 2018

Nils Hoff takes over as CEO in Bergen Group ASA

The Board of Bergen Group ASA has appointed Nils Hoff as new CEO, succeeding Torgeir Nærø. Hoff assumes the position as from 15 November 2018.

Photo: CEO Nils Hoff 

At the same time, Morten Riiser assumes position as new CFO in Bergen Group ASA.

Hoff (56) has been CFO in Bergen Group ASA up until today, now succeeding Torgeir Nærø following his resignation, this due to external opportunities. Until end of Q1 2019, Nærø will take on an advisory position for the Group.

Board Chairman Hans Petter Eikeland of Bergen Group ASA considers the change as a natural consequence of the upcoming merger with Endùr Holding. Bergen Group ASA will then become an industrial holding company with only a limited management group, and with increased focus on developing and implementing new structural measures that ensures further growth.

"Through Nils Hoff, we have a group leader with extensive industrial experience from change processes, and with strong focus on ensuring sound operations and financial results. Hoff has also been a key player in the strategy process that the company has implemented, and this ensures important continuity when Torgeir Nærø now resigns”, says Eikeland.

The merger process between Bergen Group ASA and Endûr Holding AS (owner of Endùr Fabricom AS) is expected completed mid first quarter of 2019. Chairman Eikeland states that Nils Hoff has full support from both the existing board of directors in Bergen Group ASA and from the owners of Endùr Holding AS as the person to also lead the merged company going forward.

Nils Hoff has a background from various leading positions in both finance and industry, including as CFO in Tandberg Data, CFO in Tandberg Storage and CFO in Data Invest. Hoff also has extensive board experience from industrial companies, including position as board member in Norske Skog. Hoff was appointed CFO of Bergen Group ASA in June 2015 to assist in the comprehensive restructuring process of the Group. The new CEO of Bergen Group ASA is resident in Bergen, and has a total of 1,417,000 shares in Bergen Group ASA through his privately held company Eagle AS.

Morten Riiser (34) assumes today the position as CFO in Bergen Group ASA. Riiser’s background as VP Finance in Bergen Group since August this year, combined with earlier manager positions in advisory firm KPMG, makes him the excellent choice. Riiser has varied accounting, consulting and audit experience from a number of different companies in various industries, including various assignments towards Bergen Group over a number of years. He is a state-authorized public accountant and graduated from the Norwegian School of Business and Economics with a master's degree in auditing and accounting. He is a resident of Bergen and has as per today no shares in the company.

Bergen Group ASA is an industrial group based in the western part of Norway and a well-established supplier of products and services to the areas of Energy & Industry, Maritime, Defense, Access Technology & Services and Aquaculture. The Group's companies are based on extensive expertise and long experience in their business areas. The operational activity is carried out by the subsidiaries Bergen Group Services AS, Bergen Group AAK AS and Bergen Group Sjøsterk AS, with a total of close to 200 employees. For further information: www.bergengroup.no

Endúr Fabricom is a well-established oil service company headquartered in Stavanger. The company has extensive experience as supplier of maintenance, modification, installation, fabrication and rebuilding of complex oil and gas installations both onshore and offshore. After the change of ownership in February this year, the order books have increased significantly, and the company is in the process of establishing an operating foothold in several important hubs for the oil and gas industry. Endúr Fabricom engages today approx. 200 employees, including hired personnel. For further information: www.endur-fabricom.no

Contact info: 
Hans Petter Eikeland, chairman of the board in Bergen Group ASA, phone +47 932 08 177 
Nils Hoff, CEO in Bergen Group ASA, phone +47 930 92 346  
Morten Riiser, CFO in Bergen Group ASA, phone +47 406 39 734