31 October 2018

Contract from Grieg Seafood ASA on construction of a turnkey feed barge

Bergen Group Sjøsterk AS has been awarded a contract with Grieg Seafood ASA for the construction of a turn-key feed barge built in concrete and aluminium for delivery summer of 2019.

With this contract, Bergen Group Sjøsterk has been awarded contracts for a total of 5 feed barges with a total value of close to NOK 100 million.

The feed barge ordered by Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS has a size of 17 x 27 meters with a total load capacity of 500 tonnes. The concrete barge is planned for use in Finnmark, Northern Norway, and will consequently be outfitted and dimensioned for use in harsh locations exposed to very demanding weather conditions and extra cold temperatures.

CEO Torgeir Nærø in Bergen Group ASA assesses the contract with Grieg Seafood ASA as an important strategic milestone for the wholly owned subsidiary Bergen Group Sjøsterk AS.

“Bergen Group has ambitions for further growth as a system-, equipment- and service provider towards the aquaculture industry. This July’s acquisition of company Sjøsterk is an important part of this strategy. Therefore, we are proud that we, since the date for the acquisition, have managed to build a total order book of five concrete barges with total production value of close to NOK 100 million”, says Nærø.

The CEO evaluates the market for feed barges as challenging, but with very exciting growth potential, and characterized by clients with increased demand for highly flexible technical solutions, field proven environmental and biomass management and stable operational reliability.

“Bergen Group has extensive experience from complex maritime product and system deliveries, both from offshore installations and large vessels. We consider this competence an asset when levering it into developing the next generation of feed and service barges for the aquaculture industry, "says Nærø.

Bergen Group ASA is an industrial group based in the western part of Norway and a well-established supplier of products and services to the areas of Energy & Industry, Maritime, Defense, Access Technology & Services and Aquaculture. The Group's companies are based on extensive expertise and long experience in their business areas. The operational activity is carried out by the subsidiaries Bergen Group Services AS, Bergen Group AAK AS and Bergen Group Sjøsterk AS, with a total of close to 200 employees. For further information: www.bergengroup.no

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CEO Torgeir Nærø in Bergen Group ASA, phone +47 922 00 778  
SVP Øyvind Risnes in Bergen Group ASA, phone +47 480 48 561