27 September 2017

Merger plan between Bergen Group ASA and Bergen Group Offshore AS

The board in Bergen Group ASA and the board in Bergen Group Offshore AS have both approved a merger plan between the two companies.

The merger plan is according to the simplification of the group structure as announced in the Q2 2017 interim report. The merger shall be carried out pursuant to the provisions on merger between companies (merger of parent company and wholly owned, subsidiary) in the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act § 13-24.

The transferor company will be merged with the transferee company through:

  1. The transferor company transfers withoutcompensation all its assets, rights and obligations to the transferee company; and

  2. Dissolution of the transferor company.

The merger plan will be available for download here and at www.brreg.no.

For further information:
CFO Nils Hoff, tel. +47 930 92 346