11 September 2017

New cooperation will increase delivery capacity towards the Norwegian Armed Forces

Four Norwegian companies located in the Bergen-area have established a cooperation that will increase the capacity and competitiveness of deliveries of service and maintenance towards the Norwegian Armed Forces.


The collaboration will be marketed under the name Norwegian Defense Support (NDS), and consists of Bergen Group Services AS, Karsten Moholt AS, Servi Group AS and Electronicon AS.

These four companies each have a long and partly extensive experience with the provision of various service and maintenance services to different departments of the Norwegian Armed Forces. Now, the four companies are making efforts to further strengthen their positions as a competitive supplier.

CEO Hans Petter Eikeland of Bergen Group ASA believes that the cooperation being marketed under the name Norwegian Defense Support will be an important contribution for both the region as well as the Norwegian Armed Forces.

“These four well-established companies complement each other in several areas. Now we combine attractive cutting edge expertise into an exciting industrial cluster that can compete for larger and more complex service and maintenance assignments towards the Norwegian Armed Forces", says Eikeland, emphasizing that each of the four companies will continue to have a separate  focus on their own current deliveries towards the Norwegian Armed Forces.

"We have through the NDS-cooperation already approached the submarine-industry in Germany, which will deliver the new generation submarines to the Norwegian Armed Forces. Here we believe a Bergen-based industrial cluster located close to Haakonsvern Naval Base will be an attractive partner for maintenance and service delivery "says Eikeland, who is open for the cooperation to also be extended into other market areas than the Norwegian Armed Forces.

“The goal is clear. The cooperation through Norwegian Defense Support will give us an increased competitiveness, a strengthened competence development and a more flexible capacity towards a prioritised customer for all the four companies also in the future”, summarizes Eikeland.

Key information about the four companies that today constitute Norwegian Defense Support:

Bergen Group Services:

  • Engine testing, service and condition evaluation

  • Hull and accommodation construction and repair

  • Maritime piping and mechanical repair and outfitting

  • Certified welding operations within all relevant areas

  • Dry docking and slipway-setting

Karsten Moholt AS:

  • Testing, service and repair of electro mechanical equipment (AC / DC)

  • Condition monitoring

  • Inspection, cleaning, bearing change, rewinding and shaft alignment

  • Authorized service partner for the major electro motor and generator suppliers

Servi Group:

  • Total supplier of Power and Motion Control

  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electromechanics, Bearings, Wipersystems

  • Largest manufacturer of hydraulics in Norway

  • Complete program within Service and Maintenance

Electronicon AS:

Can provide service in the following area:

  • Radar Systems and sensors

  • Sonar systems and sensors

  • Navigation System and sensors

  • Tactical data link

  • Combat Systems

Contact persons:
CEO Hans Petter Eikeland, Bergen Group ASA,  phone +47 932 08 177 
Coordinator for Norwegian Defense Support: Egil Simonsen (Electronicon), phone +47 907 42 762