30 April 2017

Financial Statement and Annual Report 2016

The Board of Directors of Bergen Group ASA has approved the company's Financial Statements for 2016, which are included in the attached Annual Report for 2016 (in Norwegian).

Changes in relation to the preliminary figures for the year 2016, which were presented on 7 February 2017, are mainly related to final accounting effects of various measures from the refinancing process finalized in December 2016. This includes adjustments in receivables related to discontinued operations.

The main figures in the final consolidated accounts are as follows (with previously communicated preliminary figures in brackets):

• Operating revenues: NOK 246.1 million (unchanged).

• EBIT: NOK -1.8 million (NOK 0.7 million)

• Annual results: NOK 73.1 million (NOK 65.7 million)

• Equity: 58.4% (61.5 %)

An English version of the Annual report for 2016 will be made available as a part of the notice of the Annual General Meeting. The Norwegian version is available for download here.

For further information, please contact:
CFO Nils Hoff, phone +47 930 92 346 
SPV Corporate Communications Øyvind Risnes, phone +47 480 48 561