13 June 2016

Bergen Group ASA - Annual General Meeting held

Bergen Group's Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 13 June 2016. All proposals were also unanimously approved by the General Assembly as recommended by the Board of Directors.

 A total of 73.6 % of the share capital and voting rights was represented.

The General Meeting unanimously approved the Annual Financial Statements and the Annual Report for the financial year of 2015. All other proposals were also unanimously approved by the General Assembly in accordance with the recommendations from the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee.

The board of Directors in Bergen Group ASA now consists of:

Tor Lars Onarheim (not up for election)
Espen Selvikvåg Berge (not up for election)
Tove Ormevik (re-elected for two years) 
Bente Stangeland (re-elected for two years)

Magnus Stangeland was re-elected as alternate board member for the shareholder elected board members for a period of one year. The two employee-elected board members Kristoffer Hope and Jorunn Ingebrigtsen are both up for election this coming fall.  

Signed Minutes from the Annual General Meeting is available here.

Contact person:
Øyvind Risnes
SVP Corporate Functions & Communications,
tel. +47 480 48 561