30 April 2016

Bergen Group ASA - Annual Report for 2015

The Board of Directors of Bergen Group ASA has on 29 April 2016 approved the Financial Statements and the Director’s Report for 2015

Compared to preliminary results for 2015, of which were presented on 26 February 2016, provisions have been made for bad debt, as well as reversal of previous provisions for bankruptcy in subsidiaries. In total, this has implied a positive change in the year-end result of NOK 47 million and increased the equity with NOK 46 million.

In 2015, Bergen Group went through a challenging process of regaining profitability and ensuring a more robust financial platform for the Group. The Board considers the remaining operational activities to form a good basis for new growth in the years to come.

The group has, as informed in previous quarterly reports, ongoing processes with creditors and sources of capital in order to establish a corporate balance sheet and a capital structure, of which ensures adequate liquidity and a more robust financial situation. This process is considered to be constructive, and is expected to be finalized during the 1st half of 2016

The Annual Report for 2015 is available for download here.

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