13 July 2015

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting on 3 August 2015

Notice is hereby given of an EGM of Bergen Group ASA to be held on Monday 3 August 2015 regarding the approval of a loan agreement of NOK 60 million.


The EGM will be held at the offices of Advokatfirmaet Harris DA, Dreggsallmenningen 10/12, 5835 Bergen, Norway.

The Board has proposed that the Company shall enter into a loan agreement with Køhlergruppen AS for loan denominated up to NOK 60 000 000, as informed about in the stock exchange message distributed 24 June 2015.  Since Køhlergruppen AS is a shareholder in the Company, the loan agreement has to be approved by the General Meeting of the Company, ref. Asal. § 3-8. Attached this Notice is a report prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) according t Asal . § 3-8 , ref. § 2-6 , for the loan agreement proposed entered into.

The Notice has today been distributed by post to all shareholders as per 10 July 2015 with a known address. The Notice is also available for download here.

Øyvind Risnes
SVP Corporate Functions & Communications
+47 480 48 561