2 February 2015

Bergen Group Services buys enterprise business at Sotra

Bergen Group Services AS has entered into an agreement with BR industrier AS regarding the purchase of the enterprise business at Fjell Industries AS at Sotra.

The acquisition came into effect on the 1st of February 2015.

“Bergen Group Services AS is currently in a phase of growth, which requires larger facilities and more employees. Purchasing of the enterprise business at Fjell Industries AS gives us access to both”, says CEO Frode Johansson in Bergen Group Services AS.

Fjell Industries AS has around 40 employees, specializing in the design, production and repair of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, dryers, evaporators and piping systems, in addition to the production of welded structures and piping systems. The company also has a service department. The company is located in rented facilities in the versatile industry environment at Straume Sør in Fjell municipality just outside Bergen.

Bergen Group Services AS is a fully owned subsidiary of the stock exchange listed company Bergen Group ASA. The company is responsible for the Group's services within Oil/Gas and maritime service. Their activities are currently based at Laksevåg in Bergen. In addition the company has a production department at Midttun in Bergen.

“We have outgrown our facilities at Midttun, and these are currently being sold. Therefore our activities will shortly move to Fjell Industries AS' rented facilities at Straume. This enables us to increase our production area from 700 to around 4,000 square metres. In addition we are able to access a building stock which is adapted to future production and service assignments to a much larger degree”, Frode Johansson explains.

Bergen Group Services currently has 130 permanent employees and a turnover of around NOK 250 million. The company takes over all 40 employees of Fjell Industries AS, and is optimistic when it comes to future activity.

“We consider the competence among the employees of Fjell Industries AS to be exciting both for Bergen Group Services AS and for other business areas within the Group. We are humble to the situation were parts of the business world are in the midst of a demanding period with high levels of insecurity connected to the sharp decline of oil prices. This is also challenging for us, but at the same time we see great opportunities to strengthen our activities within areas that have not been as strongly affected”, says CEO Frode Johansson.

For the last few years, Bergen Group Services has had increasing levels of activity in prefabrication and service assignments towards the oil and gas industries. The main part of the operations are, however, connected to the company's extensive capacity and competence within ship-technical maintenance of vessels, and the maintenance and repair of diesel engines used for demanding maritime operations with extra strict requirements regarding safety and service quality. The company has, among others, extensive framework agreements both with the Armed Forces and with Redningsselskapet regarding various maritime services.

For further information:

CEO Frode Johansson, Bergen Group Services, tel +47 970 80 766
SVP Corporate Functions & Communications Øyvind Risnes, Bergen Group ASA, tel +47 480 48 561