17 June 2014

Bergen Group ASA - Annual General Meeting held

(Austevoll, June 17th 2014): Bergen Group's Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday June 17th 2014 in Austevoll at Kulturbakeriet, 5392 Storebø.

A total of 67.1 % of the share capital and voting rights was represented. The General Meeting approved the Annual Accounts and the Annual Report for the financial year of 2013, as proposed by the Board of Directors. All other resolutions were also made were in accordance with the recommendations from the Board of Directors and from the Nomination Committee.


The board of Directors in Bergen Group ASA now consists of:

Magnus Stangeland (re-elected)
Bjørn Erik Klepsvik (re-elected)
Tove Ormevik (new)
Eva von Hirsch (not up for election)
Brian Chang (not up for election)


In addition, there will be two representatives from the employees, to be elected in August.

Contact persons:

Magnus Stangeland
Chairman of the Board, Bergen Group, + 47 916 61 010

Øyvind Risnes
VP Communication, Bergen Group, +47 480 48 561