12 February 2014

Bergen Group Hanøytangen buys Scanmet AS and prepares for increased efforts towards offshore decommissioning

Bergen Group Hanøytangen is now in process of entering into an agreement with the owners of the company Scanmet AS regarding the purchase of the company. Scanmet AS is among the oldest and most experienced companies in Norway that carry out decommissioning of oil installations in the North Sea. Currently the company is situated at Stord in Sunnhordland, but in connection with the purchase, the business will be relocated to the industrial area at Hanøytangen during 2014.


Bergen Group Hanøytangen

The transaction is expected to be carried out in mid-2014, and depends on relevant approvals from the government.

CEO Asle Solheim in Bergen Group ASA considers the purchase of Scanmet AS a strategically important investment in the process of facilitating for a further increase in activity at Hanøytangen.

“This industrial area has a unique starting point for a profitable growth within several areas. Therefore Bergen Group focuses their efforts towards supplying the current rig activity with other areas of activity connected to maritime service, subsea & offshore service and decommissioning projects”, Solheim states.


Decommisioning will be one out of four business areas for Bergen Group Hanøytangen.

 “When it comes to decommissioning projects, our main focus will be offshore constructions. This is an area where Scanmet AS already has acquired knowledge through several years. At the same time, we have already well-established facilities at Hanøytangen that can be used for demanding decommissioning contracts, among others the largest dry dock in Northern Europe”, Solheim points out.

The CEO in Bergen Group also considers the purchase of Scanmet AS an important contribution towards further developing the entire industrial area at Hanøyangen.

“Norscrap AS is already well established in the area, and over several years they have built up an extensive capacity in treating and recycling all types of steel and metals. In addition, we have entered into an agreement with the waste management company SAR AS and the lifting contractor Kranringen AS, who both are solid suppliers of services for future decommissioning contracts”, Asle Solheim points out.

In connection with the purchase of Scanmet AS Bergen Group considers strengthening the engineering resources in the company.

“Decommissioning of offshore constructions is technically demanding projects. We expect that there will be an increasing need for strengthening Hanøytangen with further capacity and competence in engineering and maritime operations in the years to come. It also contributes towards strengthening our market position within other offshore and maritime related activities at Hanøytangen”, Solheim believes.

Scanmet AS has currently around 10 man-labour years connected to the operations at Stord. In 2013, the company had a turnover of around NOK 75 million. The parties agree on keeping the purchase price confidential.

More information about Scanmet is available on www.scanmet.no/eng


CEO Asle Solheim, Bergen Group ASA, tel. 993 28 465

SVP Communications, Øyvind Risnes, Bergen Group ASA, tel. 480 48 561

Managing Director Gerhard Eide, Scanmet AS, tel. +47 901 81 069