4 March 2013

NB88 from Bergen Group Fosen launched in Gdansk on March 1st.

NB88, the second of Fjord Line's two new cruise ferries was launched Friday March 1st in Gdansk, Poland, with thousands looking on from the pier. The ship will now be towed to Bergen Group Fosen for interior fitting and finishing.


The launching marks the completion of the steel work and painting of the hull at the Stocznia Gdansk shipyard. At the pier, shipyard workers, others who have contributed to the construction of the hull and ordinary citizens of Gdansk were present.

The sistership (NB87) MS Stavangerfjord is now in the process of being finished at Bergen Group Fosen. On Wednesday May 29th, she sails on her maiden voyage. This fall, the new sister ship will also be ready for service. Then Fjord Line will be able to offer passengers two modern and well-appointed cruise ferries with daily departures on the routes between Bergen, Stavanger and Hirtshals, and between Hirtshals and Langesund.

Most environmentally friendly in the world 

Both new cruise ferries have engines powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). LNG engines reduce NOx emissions by 92 percent compared to engines powered by traditional heavy fuel oil. Emissions of sulfur are eliminated completely, while particulate emissions are reduced by 98 percent. Last but not least, the technology Fjord Line uses reduces emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2) by 23 percent. So air pollution will be minimal, on the sea and while in port. All these characteristics make these cruise ferries the most environmentally friendly of their kind in the world.

Towed to Rissa for finishing 

The launching of the almost 7,000 ton hull of "Bergensfjord" took less than a minute. In a few days it starts the journey from Poland to Norway, along the coast to the shipyard in Rissa on the Fosen peninsula. There, workers representing a variety of disciplines will outfit and finish the modern ship. Here the cruise ferry will be furnished with restaurants for every taste, cafés and bars, a large tax-free shop and well-equipped facilities for courses and conferences. After delivery and commissioning with Fjord Line's crew, MS Bergensfjord will be put into regular service.

The new ships will be 170 meters long, perfectly designed to handle North Sea waves and provide passengers with a smooth and stable voyage. The ships will each accommodate 1,500 passengers and have space for 306 cabins, 600 cars, trucks and cargo.