14 December 2010

Bergen Group Vest Elektro is strengthening the management

Paul Tveitevåg (35) is from January 1st 2011 appointed as the new General Manager of Bergen Group Vest Elektro. The current general manager Nils Bjarte Sætrevik will continue in an operational position in the company.


Pål Tveitevåg (to the left) is welcomed as new General Manager in Bergen Group Vest Elektor by EVP Sebjørn Madsen.

Paul Tveitevåg has been working with Bergen Group Engineering since the summer of 2009. In this period he has had positions as both deputy general manager and general manager. Previously, Tveitevåg has working experience from Fog Industries and Rolls Royce Marine. He holds a M.Sc. from a German university and also a degree in engineering and automation from Bergen University College. Tveitevåg also has additional education in Project Management from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Bergen Group Vest Elektro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bergen Group ASA and a part of the Group's technology division. The company has within few years evolved to become a major player in marine engineering and advanced electrical installations. Bergen Group Vest Elektro currently has 54 employees, and passed in 2009 a turnover of NOK 100 million. The company is headquartered in Bergen.

Executive Vice President Sebjørn Madsen in Bergen Group Technology is very pleased with the strengthening of the administrative and operational management in Bergen Group Vest Elektro.

“Nils Bjarte Sætrevik has over some time signalized a wish for new resources to take over the administrative leadership in the company, in order to be able to focus more on the operational work task”, explains Sebjørn Madsen. He wants to give Sætrevik credit for the solid job he has done in building the company from scratch and up to today's well established position in the marked.

“This strengthening of the Management will contribute to our ambitions for further growth. We have appointed a new well qualified General Manager with relevant background and good knowledge about the group. In addition, Nils Bjarte Sætrevik will now be able to focus on the operational role he enjoys and is very proficient in,”says the Executive Vice President of Bergen Group Technology.

Contact persons:
EVP Sebjørn Madsen, Bergen Group Technology, phone +47 468 59 758
Paul Tveitevåg, phone +47 977 80 262