2 September 2010

Frydenbø Industri AS and Bergen Group to establish cooperation at Hanøytangen

Frydenbø Industri AS is planning to establish a new facility at Hanøytangen. Cooperation with Bergen Group, which is about to build a strong cluster for maritime and offshore industry in Hanøytangen, is also initiated.


CEO in Frydenbø Industri AS, Rolf-Erik Berle-Jørgensen (to the left) and Managing Director Jan Tore Bø from Bergen Group Hanøytangen. Frydenbø Industri AS will establish activities on the area seen on the left side of the picture.

Frydenbø Eiendom AS bought in June this year 26,000 square meter of property at the entrance to the industrial area on Hanøytangen, located on Askøy outside Bergen, and Frydenbø Industri AS is now planning to move parts of their business out to this area.

“Frydenbø Industri AS will build a combined warehouse / workshop / office building at Hanøytangen in order to move parts of the businesses in Bergen to the new facility”, says CEO in Frydenbø Industri AS, Rolf-Erik Berle-Jørgensen.

 “A new facility at Hanøytangen will provide more efficient operation and better working environment for employees”, he points out.

Skilled and solid partner
"We have over some time been in dialogue with Bergen Group about a possible collaboration, and evaluate them as a skilled and exciting business partner. Frydenbø Industry aim to gradually turn more of our activities in to the offshore market in the future, and we hope that this cooperation over time will contribute to an increased workload, "said Berle-Jørgensen.

Bergen Group has over the past two years completed investments totaling NOK 150 million to develop Hanøytangen into one of Europe's most efficient and flexible facility for maintenance, repair and modification work of floating offshore installations.

"We have big ambitions to further develop Hanøytangen as a unique industrial area with focus on offshore activities and marine industry. Among other things, several of Bergen Group's established companies within maritime and offshore operations will to a greater extent be linked to Hanøytangen in the future. Frydenbø Industri AS's forthcoming establishment at Hanøytangen will contribute greatly to the continued growth and development of this unique industrial area”, says CEO Pål Engebretsen in Bergen Group.

Frydenbø Group is still in the planning phase for the Hanøytangen-establishment, and will in the coming months evaluate the extent of the move in consultation with the employees. The group estimates a move to be completed in the beginning of 2012 at the earliest.

About the companies:
Frydenbø Industri AS is one of three divisions within Frydenbø Group. Frydenbø Industri AS includes the daughter companies Frydenbø Power AS, Frydenbø Electric AS, Frydenbø Marine Services AS and Frydenbø Sabb Motor AS. In addition, the division owns 15.4% of the German propeller manufacturer Schottel GmbH.

The companies in Frydenbø Industri AS are one of Norway's leading suppliers of marine diesel engines, propeller system, turbochargers, and power generators. Frydenbø Industri AS is one of the market leaders in the lifeboat engines worldwide, and has extensive experience in shipbroking, inspection services, and electro-mechanical service and sales. The companies perform repairs, maintenance and service in manufacturing and shipping.

Frydenbø Industri AS has ambitions to grow within its core area of the maritime industry, and earlier this summer, the division acquired two new companies - Delta Marine AS and Christen Dale & Co AS.

Bergen Group is a maritime industrial group with main focus on the offshore industry and advanced specialized vessels. The company, listed on Oslo Stock Exchange, has its core expertise in shipbuilding, maritime service, offshore and technology. The operating revenue in 2009 was NOK 5.1 billion, and the group has a total of 1,800 employees, close to 600 of them related to various companies in the Bergen area. Bergen Group Hanøytangen is part of the group's offshore division. Bergen Group Hanøytangen has already established itself as an important international player in the market for service and maintenance work on drilling rigs.

More info about Frydenbø Industri AS and Bergen Group can be found on their respective websites:



Contact persons:

CEO Rolf-Erik Berle-Jørgensen in Frydenbø Industry AS, mobile + 47 922 35 696.
VP Communication Øyvind Risnes in Bergen Group mobile + 47 480 48 561