28 April 2010

Bergen Group well prepared for increased activity in the Barents Sea

“Bergen Group's extensive activity in Kirkenes and Murmansk ensure the group a good position to provide various services towards a future oil and gas activity in the Barents Sea” says CEO Pål Engebretsen. He forecast exiting opportunities as a result of the historic agreement between Norway and Russia about the boarder in the Barents Sea.

Bergen Group is today one of the largest private employers in Finnmark through the subsidiaries Bergen Group Kimek and Bergen Group Offshore Kimek. These two companies have a total of 200 permanent employees in the Kirkenes area. In addition, Bergen Group has a fully owned Russian engineering company strategically located in Murmansk, with 14-15 employees.  

Extensive experience

“Bergen Group has for several years been focused on strengthening our position and presence in the Kirkenes area. This is based on an expected increase in activity in the northern areas related to business in general and oil and gas industry in particular. This week's historic news about a clarification of the territorial boarder line in the Barents Sea provides unexpected dimensions in relation to future activity in this region”, says Mr. Engebretsen.

The CEO of Bergen Group points out the need for a sober-minded approach to when the historic agreement can result in new activity.
“Bergen Group already has a well established position in this region, and thus a major advantage over many other players who want to prepare for the exciting future of the Barents Sea. Our business in Kirkenes and Murmansk represents solid knowledge that is locally rooted, and we also have an extensive experience in delivering services on both sides of the Norwegian-Russian border. The Group also has an operational capacity and solid expertise available at the other companies in the group - both linked to the offshore, shipbuilding and maritime services, "says Engebretsen.

Russian expertise

Bergen Group Kimek its history goes back to 1986, and the company has in the last 20 years positioned itself as a strong maritime service company for both the Norwegian and the Russian market. Bergen Group Kimek Offshore was established in 2000, and during these ten years built up a solid organization with extensive expertise in service contracts in the oil and gas industry.

Bergen Group Offshore Kimek bought in 2006 a Russian engineering company in Murmansk. This company has a history dating back to the middle of the 1950s. The company, with 14-15 employees, recently moved into new offices in Murmansk in order to prepare for future growth.

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CEO Bergen Group, Pål Engebretsen, mobile +47 91 11 73 69
Greger Mannsverk, CEO Bergen Group Kimek, mobile +47 951 21 228