24 August 2009

Bergen Group Rosenberg and Troll WindPower work in co-operation

Bergen Group Rosenberg and Troll WindPower have signed a co-operation agreement that strengthen the companies’ contribution in the competition to deliver (equipment and services) to the growing market for offshore wind-farms.


The Co-operation between the maritime industrial group Bergen Group and the international wind farm expertise in Troll WindPower results in the construction and delivery of offshore transformer stations for the European market. The Companies have combined their long industrial experience with the innovative knowledge of Energy systems to develop a so-called Modularized Offshore Transformer Station. The Offshore Transformer Station will be offered to the growing market for offshore wind farms.  Between 5,000 and 10,000 fixed offshore wind turbines are already approved for development in the North Sea over the next 5-10 years. All these wind farms will need an electrical connection point to get the produced electrical energy to shore and out in the market.

The platforms will be delivered from the Bergen Group Rosenberg facilities in Stavanger where all the electrical components will be tested before the platforms will be shipped to the various locations.

From the technical point of view, the platform is built by using “modules” that makes it very flexible with regard to different wind farms sizes. All management, electrical protection and control of the platform can also be done from shore. “This together with another pioneering technology makes the platform a leading product on the market and will reduce operation and maintenance costs” as pointed out by Managing Director Kyrre Nese in Bergen Group Rosenberg and Managing Director Yngve Aabø in Troll WindPower.

Bergen Group Rosenberg is a completely owned subsidiary of the maritime industrial concern Bergen Group which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Troll WindPower is a company which is owned by Troll Power, various investors and the company NorWind.

Se www.bergengroup.no and www.trollwindpower.no for more information about the companies.