20 June 2008

Result public offering and listing

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice sent 11 June 2008 and the prospectus prepared in connection with the listing and the public offering dated 11 June 2008.

As previously announced, Bergen Group ASA (“Bergen Group” or the “Company”) has offered up to 3,700,000 new shares to a price of NOK 31 in a public offering in addition to an offering directed towards employees in the Company of up to 300,000 new shares at a price of NOK 28.

Subsequent the expiry of the subscription period yesterday on 19 June 2008, the Company had received subscriptions for a total of 301,638 new shares in the public offering in addition to 38,750 new shares in the employee offering. As a consequence, the share capital in Bergen Group will increase from NOK 42,079,471 to NOK 42,419,859, equalling 42,419,859 shares each with a nominal value of NOK 1.

Allocation letters will be mailed today.

Read more in the Stock Exhange Notice.